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Have you claimed your own FREE ₦1000 Airtime from Zoto?

  • If YES, …. Congratulations!!
  • If NO, then what are you waiting for?
    Permit me to introduce the Zoto Mobile Recharge application to you, and how you can also claim/get your own FREE ₦1000 Airtime – (for any mobile network in Nigeria).

What is Zoto … And what is the Zoto Mobile Recharge app?

Recharge with Zoto App & Get 50% Cash back + Free ₦1,000 Airtime

Recharge with Zoto App & Get 50% Cash back + Free ₦1,000 Airtime

Zoto is a cooperate firm which was established in 2015 with a goal to build a safe and easy mobile recharge platform for Nigerians. The Zoto Mobile Recharge application is a revolutionary mobile recharge solution designed to be the easiest, safest, and fastest recharge & data solution in Nigeria.
The application which is currently available for iOS and Android devices has become one of the best and most convenient mobile recharge platform in Nigeria with a 4.5 star rating and over 100,000 active downloads on PlayStore (Android).

The Zoto Mobile Recharge app takes away all the hassles associated with buying airtime for your mobile phone, especially the stress and frustrations that you might encounter when you are in an URGENT need of airtime at an ‘Odd Hour’ (such as ‘In the middle of the night’ , or ‘During a heavy rainfall/storm’), or from an ‘Odd Location’. With just a few clicks, you can easily load airtime on your mobile phone using the Zoto Mobile Recharge application while the associated cost/amount will be deducted from your bank account.

Why Choose Zoto?

There are currently lots of ‘quick recharge’ solutions for buying and loading airtime to your phone, however the Zoto Mobile Recharge system stands out with its simple user interface, efficiency, loads of freebies, and its ease of use. Zoto often give away lots of freebies to its new and existing users; which includes ‘free phone recharge airtime’, and ‘free ZotoCash’. One of such freebies is the current FREE ₦1000 Airtime giveaway for all newly registered users on the Zoto platform.

Please Note :: The FREE ₦1000 Airtime giveaway is a limited time offer, therefore you should act now while the offer lasts.

How to grab your own FREE ₦1000 Airtime/RechargeCard from Zoto.

There are basically 4 major steps involved in getting the FREE ₦1000 Airtime. These major steps also has a few more sub-steps, all of which has been summarized and explained below.

  • Step-1 :: Download, and Install the Zoto Mobile Recharge application.
    Step-2 :: Register on the Zoto Mobile Recharge application.
    Step-3 :: Make your first airtime purchase using the application (minimum of ₦100).
    Step-4 :: Receive your FREE ₦1000 Airtime/ZotoCash.

Step-1 :: Downloading, and Installation

  • Step-1a :: Lunch the PlayStore or App Store on your device
  • Step-1b :: Search for ‘Zoto’
  • Step-1c :: Download and Install the ‘Zoto Mobile Recharge’ application (size:: approximately 4 mb on Android)

Free_1_Thousand_Phone_Airtime_Credit_Recharge_Card_FROM_Zoto__Step1 - Image -Click here to view full image

Step-2 :: Registration

  • Step-2a :: Lunch the installed Zoto application :– The application will try to automatically grab the phone number on your device (though this might not be successful at all instances).
  • Step-2b :: Provide your phone number :– If the application is NOT able to automatically grab the phone number on your device, then you will be required to manually provide your number. But if the application is able to grab your number, then ensure that the number is correct. For users with ‘Dual SIM Card’ devices, you will need to click on the ‘Edit’ button if you wish to use the second phone number for your registration.
  • Step-2c :: Verify your phone number :– Next, the Zoto application will try to verify your registered phone number by initiating an automated/robotic call to your phone number (you do not need to pick the call). If for some reasons the application is unable to verify your phone number via the robotic call, the application will instantly send a ‘One Time Pin (OTP)’ to the registered phone number, and then prompt you to manually enter the OTP number on the application. Thereafter, your number will be verified.
  • Step-2d :: Provide other required information :– After a successful phone number verification, the application then requires you to provide extra information; this include your First Name, Last Name, Email Address, and Referral Code (This is actually the most important information if you wish to earn the FREE ₦1000 airtime).
  • Step-2e :: Provide your referral code :– Tick on the small box labeled “I’ve a Referral Code”, then enter EARNER as your referral code (in the ‘Referral Code’ box that appears). This is the most important step for users that wish to earn the ₦1000 airtime.

Free_1_Thousand_Phone_Airtime_Credit_Recharge_Card_FROM_Zoto__Step2 - Image -Click here to view full image

Please Note ::

  • If you do NOT provide the referral code, your registration will still be successful, but you will NOT earn the ₦1000 airtime reward.

  • If you do NOT enter EARNER as your referral code, your account may NOT be approved to earn the ₦1000 airtime. Therefore ensure that you enter the word (EARNER) correctly … No typo error.

  • Also ensure that you provide your correct information (Name, Email, Referral Code) throughout the registration process; else your account will be flagged for suspicious act and will be required to undergo an identity verification process which will finally deprive you of the ₦1000 airtime reward.

Step-3 :: Recharge your Phone Number using the Zoto application

After a successful registration, now it’s time to make your first airtime purchase (recharge your phone) using the Zoto Mobile Recharge application (minimum of ₦100 airtime). Immediately after making a successful first-time purchase, ₦1000 will be instantly disbursed to you.

Now let me walk you through the process of recharging your phone number using the Zoto Mobile Recharge application.

  • Step-3a :: Lunch the Zoto application. If you wish to recharge the phone number that was registered on the application, then click on the button labeled ‘ME’; but if you wish to recharge a different phone number, click on the part labeled ‘NEW’.
  • Step-3b :: Next, provide the need information :– Enter the phone number that you wish to recharge, Select the appropriate mobile network, Enter the amount that you wish to recharge, … then click on the ‘Proceed’ button.
  • Step-3c :: On the next page, simply click on the ‘Arrow’ button at the base/bottom of the page.
  • Step-3d :: Next, click on the ‘Enter New Card Number’ button.
  • Step-3e :: If a notification message pops-up, simply click on the ‘YES, I UNDERSTOOD’ button.

Free_1_Thousand_Phone_Airtime_Credit_Recharge_Card_FROM_Zoto__Step3-Part1 -Image -Click here to view full image

  • Step-3f :: Next, enter your ATM card number, the ATM card expiry date, and the ATM card CVV number. If you are using a VERVE card, you will also be required to provide your ATM password. ((The ATM card number, and the ATM card expiry date are located at the front of your ATM card, while the CVV is the ‘3 digits’ number located at the back of your ATM card))

Free_1_Thousand_Phone_Airtime_Credit_Recharge_Card_FROM_Zoto__Step3-Part2 - Image -Click here to view full image

  • Step-3g :: Since this is your first-time purchase using the Zoto application, you will be required to setup a ‘PIN’, … simply enter and 4-digit number. This PIN is used to authenticate and verify your transactions and to enforce more securities on the Zoto platform. Please do not forget your PIN number because you will need to provide it each time you want to carry out a transaction on the Zoto application.

Free_1_Thousand_Phone_Airtime_Credit_Recharge_Card_FROM_Zoto__Step3-Part3 - Image -Click here to view full image

  • Step-3h :: Based on your financial institution (Bank) and the type of ATM card being used (MasterCard, VISA, or Verve), you may be required to verify your operation by providing one or more of the following:
    — Your ATM card ‘iPIN’ number.
    — Your hardware token number.
    — A ‘One Time Password (OTP)’ number which the Bank will instantly send to your bank-registered phone number.
    — And/Or other bank verification data.
    After successfully providing the bank verification data, click on the appropriate ‘Submit’ button.

Free_1_Thousand_Phone_Airtime_Credit_Recharge_Card_FROM_Zoto__Step3-Part4 - Image -Click here to view full image

  • Step-3i :: Next, the application will securely redirect you to the appropriate payment gateway. And if everything is Okay, your transaction will be successfully completed.

Free_1_Thousand_Phone_Airtime_Credit_Recharge_Card_FROM_Zoto__Step3-Part5 - Image -Click here to view full image

Step-4 :: Receive your FREE ₦1000 Airtime/ZotoCash

At this point, you should receive the appropriated airtime on your phone. You will also receive an email notifying you of your earn ₦1000 ZotoCash. To convert this ZotoCash to airtime, simply try to recharge your phone number again (repeat Step-3); this time the Zoto application will NOT charge your ATM card, rather it will automatically deduct the appropriate amount from your earned ZotoCash balance.

Free_1_Thousand_Phone_Airtime_Credit_Recharge_Card_FROM_Zoto__Step4 - Image -Click here to view full image

Some Issues That You Might Encounter When Using Zoto

I have personally observed two major problems that people face when using the Zoto Mobile Recharge application :

  • The fear of being scammed :: Since purchasing airtime from the Zoto application requires the provision of ATM card information, most people are often scared of providing such information in order to avoid being scammer of their hard-earned money. Before releasing this post, I have personally tested the Zoto application using 3 different ATM cards in order to ascertain their service quality (Verve card from FirstBank Nig, VISA card from AccessBank Nig, and MasterCard from GTBank Nig) … So far (for over 2 weeks), I have had nothing to complain about, only the appropriate recharged amount was charged on my bank account … #NothingElse. Also you do not need to be scared of using the application because the Zoto platform has been verified by MasterCard, and VISA companies. Also the platform is secured by Norton.
  • The inability to complete a successful transaction using your ATM card :: There are some scenarios when your ATM card may fail to complete your transaction. Sometimes, this could be as a result of insufficient balance on your bank account. But most often, this is caused when the ATM card being used has not been properly enrolled to be used for online transactions. For instance, when I tried to use my VISA card (from AccessBank Nig) for the first time, my transaction failed. After a few research, I noticed that unsuccessful transaction was because my VISA card was not yet enrolled/activated for online transaction. I simply walked-up to the nearest ATM machine, and enrolled the VISA card (by setting up the iPIN). Then I came back and tried again … this time, my transaction was Successful. This was also a likely case with my Verve card (from Firstbank).
    You may also encounter this issue during your own transaction. If you do, simply visit google, and search for how to activate your ATM card for online transactions. For example: You can Google – “How to activate an AccessBank VISA atm card for online transaction”, “How to activate a FirstBank Verve card for online payment”, etc.

If you are unable to fix this issue on your own, feel free to contact me directly or via the comment box below … I will personally assist you.

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